Top 3 Reasons Why I Eat The Yolks

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Top 3 Reasons Why I Eat The Yolks | Real Food RN

I love eggs and eat them every day. In my busy job I seriously need nutrient dense food that are portable and can be eaten on the run! Most days I cut up an avocado and combine it with 2 hard-boiled eggs and some mustard in a cup. Simple, yet so satisfying, filling, and easy! I do what I have to do and I need my brain to be working properly when working in intensive care… without getting a meal break most days! Here is why I love eggs and I ALWAYS eat the yolks!

1) Healthy FAT: Yes fat, does that word scare you? Well, believe it or not our brains are composed mostly of fat. 60 percent fat, according to this article. How are our brains supposed to work right when they are not giving them the proper building blocks. Fats also are essential to proper absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Fat cushions our body, keeps us warm, and is in the membrane of all of our cells. Bottom line: your brain and every cell in your body needs fat, so eat it and be happy!

…oh and P.S., fat does not make you fat or cause heart disease, sugar does. But that is an entire blog post in itself…

“Researchers have pointed to sugar, stress, nutrient deficiency, nutrient imbalance, rancid or damaged fats (like those from processed crop oils), smoking and the chronic inflammation that results from all of the above as major contributing factors in heart disease” (source)

2) Protein: The average large egg contains 7 grams of protein! Quite the protein punch for such a little package. If you are active in your life, or if you just enjoy helping your body repair from everyday wear and tear then you need protein in your life. Animal protein is an ideal source of protein for us to consume because plant protein can be difficult for our bodies to properly absorbed. Plants contain antinutrients, and these antinutrients pose a major constraint in the use of plant protein sources. Egg protein also has a high absorption rate of 1.5-3 hours.

…oh and P.S.S., animal protein is not going to cause cancer or give you kidney failure. T. Colin Campbell was wrong.

3) Nutrients: I will let this wonderful infographic from Green Med Info explain it to you….

Top 3 Reasons Why I Eat The Yolks | Real Food RN

Where else are you going to find so much nutrition in such a tiny little package? Yeah I know vitamins are small too, but most of them are created in labs. Our bodies do much better when given nutrients as they occur naturally, not synthetically.

So do I have you convinced yet? If you want to go into greater detail about the incredible edible egg I highly suggest picking up a copy of “Eat The Yolks” by Liz Wolfe, NTP. She covers every angle and argument about eggs, everything from cholesterol to veganism. Plus this woman is HILARIOUS!!! You will laugh your way through this book! Laughter enhances memory, and so do the healthy fats in eggs…just sayin’

Top 3 Reasons Why I Eat The Yolks | Real Food RN

Do you eat eggs? What is your favorite egg recipe? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Top 3 Reasons Why I Eat The Yolks | Real Food RN

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27 Replies to “Top 3 Reasons Why I Eat The Yolks”

  1. The comment that states that it’s not full of medical jargon, that it’s laid back and easy to get is one of the ones that was most helpful to me.

  2. I most definitely eat the yolks! Not only are the yolks the center of all the nutrients, but they also contain about 98% of that tasty flavor! My favorite way to eat eggs is soft poached, but i also do enjoy medium boiled, as well as hardboiled, while they are still warm. I really like eggs done any way, cause they are damn good. I will also add a couple yolks to a smoothie every now and then — it adds creaminess!

  3. I’ve been throwing away the yolks for years. Then I decided to scramble two whites with one whole egg. Then I decided to just eat the yolks. Now I’m looking for ammunition to get my weight-lifting husband to eat the yolks. This book may be it.

    My favorite comment is, “If I had a highlighter, this book would look like my windbreaker from ’88.”

  4. Devilled eggs. I can do myself a mischief with some well-made devilled eggs 🙂

    Also, I liked the HealthNutNation review.

  5. I’m not a fan of the yolks on their own- hard boiled yolks go to the wife or the dogs. Otherwise I like them scrambled or deviled!

  6. I eat the yolks. What a waste if I didn’t. That’s where all the nutrients are! I make hard boiled eggs, scrambled, pickled with beets, and fritattas.

  7. **THIS WAS MY FAV!**
    I have been considering going paleo and this book would help out a lot!!

    Eat the Yolks is intelligent, engaging and witty. Whether you are new to healthy living or a seasoned-vet, Liz Wolfe will have you eagerly reading this book from start to finish, as she dispels common health myths and uncovers the surprising truth about food. Eat the Yolks shows us that being truly healthy doesn’t result from following conventional wisdom, but from feeling satisfied, fulfilled and nourished.

    This book is a great read for anyone that wants to take control of their health and living a fulfilling, satisfying and well nourished life!

  8. I forgot something. 😉 I also have backyard hens, so I am overrun with eggs. I have a neverending supply. LOL

  9. I thought so many of the reviews were great but I liked this one Breezy but educational, March 1, 201
    By S. R. Schnur “srschnur”

  10. I love the review title “If I had a highlighter, this book would look like my windbreaker from ’88.”
    It sounds like a great informative, yet entertaining read!

  11. I eat the yokes! I never understood why people don’t. I like scrambled, omelets, and hard boiled the best.

  12. Yep, I always eat the yolks. I have always been a huge fan of eggs since I was a cute. And we purchase a dozen every Monday from a sweet lady down the street who has her own chickens. 🙂 So fun picking them up AND being able to see the chickens who actually just laid them a day or two before! Talk about FRESH! I enjoy egg scrambles loaded w/green pepper, onion and mushrooms. I also make egg sandwiches w/bacon and cheese. Delicious!

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