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When did you last see your doctor? How long did you wait to see them? Did you have to wrangle the kids into the car? Were you on time or was the traffic bad? How long did you actually spend talking to your doctor about your health issues? Did you really feel heard? And, how much did it cost? I get exhausted even thinking about it! 

Primary healthcare is fundamental to living a long and healthy life. But the days of the old family doctor who knew you and your family inside out are over. Most doctors these days are overworked and under pressure. Often the best clinics are oversubscribed and are not taking new patients. Or just too far away.

Enter the new digital age of medicine. You probably already use apps for all sorts of health-related issues, from tracking your sleep and steps to measuring your pulse. Now you can use your Smartphone to get the best medical advice. Meet Steady MD.

What is Steady MD?

Steady MD is part of the new wave of what’s being called ‘concierge medicine.’ Instead of just being another number on your doctors’ books, you can choose to have wrap-around, personalized healthcare whenever you need it, at your convenience. Yes, you can actually text your personal doctor with questions instead of having to head into the clinic to be seen! 

Concierge medicine means you can access round the clock medical advice and support from the comfort of your own home. Consultations take place via text, phone call, or video chat using platforms like Zoom or Skype.

Concierge medicine means truly tailored healthcare. Steady MD takes into account your health service preferences and your lifestyle, as well as your medical history. If you’re a vegan, long-distance runner with, say, a family history of diabetes, you will be matched with a doctor who is the right fit for you. Similarly, if you have young children, you can ask for a doctor who specializes in pediatrics or family medicine. There is a quiz that you fill out, and based on the results you are paired with a few doctors that are perfect for you. Then you choose from those doctors which one is the best fit. Where else do you get this kind of tailored medicine?! 

How Does Steady MD Work?

Once you sign up for Steady MD, you will be asked questions about your medical history, lifestyle, values, goals, and any areas of concern. Steady MD then matches you up with three options for you to choose the right doctor for your needs. Once you’re connected, you can set up your first consultation, usually on the same day.

Your first appointment will last about an hour to allow a fully comprehensive consultation and for you to get to know your doctor. Together, you can develop a health and wellness plan that will really help you meet your goals. After that, you can call or text your doctor anytime; you don’t have to make an appointment, and there are no extra costs.

With your permission, Steady MD can also get your medical files from past medical practices and hospital visits, so your doctor can get a fully comprehensive understanding of your medical history.

Steady MD can also integrate with your health apps and devices so that data can be integrated into your file.

Isn’t Steady MD Expensive?

Steady MD is membership-based with package options for individuals and families. Once you pay your membership, there are no other fees or copayments!

You’ve probably noticed that your regular health insurance doesn’t cover all your healthcare costs. And often insurance won’t cover you at all if you want to use a service like alternative therapies, home birth, or sports medicine. Steady MD practitioners provide a full range of conventional and alternative modalities as part of your own healthcare package. 

Joining Steady MD means you can access the type of healthcare that suits you and your family while keeping your health costs as low as possible. 

Are Steady MD Practitioners Real Doctors?

All Steady MD doctors are fully qualified, professional medical doctors. More than that, they are doctors who have chosen a different path so they can provide a comprehensive, personalized service to their patients. They prioritize holistic, preventative primary healthcare. My personal doctor is a Functional Medical Doctor! 

Did you know that the average American doctor has around 2,500 patients on their books? That’s why you get to see them for such a short time and don’t have access outside of the face-to-face consultation. All those questions you forgot to ask? They’ll have to wait until the next visit.

Instead of an overwhelming caseload and a scant 10 minutes with each patient, Steady MD doctors can take the time to get to know you and your family and develop a real partnership to maximize your health and well-being outcomes. Steady MD will not only match you to the right doctor, but they also make sure to keep doctors’ workloads manageable so they can take your call anytime, anywhere. No more worrying about the kids getting sick on vacation and hoping to find a good local doctor!

What Are the Benefits of Using Steady MD?

Steady MD treats you as an equal partner in your healthcare. You decide when you need advice or care, and it’s available whenever you need it.

Being able to tailor your healthcare to your individual lifestyle means you can identify and prevent potential injuries if you’re an athlete. It also means that you and your doctor can really focus on proactive preventative care. Based on your medical profile, your lifestyle, and your health goals, you can identify small problems before they become major health concerns.

Families especially appreciate the security of having their own doctor available when they’re needed. Instead of trying to get sick kids to the clinic, using Steady MD means the doctor can always be available from your home.

Steady MD can provide the best-tailored healthcare, whether you’re a concerned mom or an athlete; if you follow a keto, Paleo, or vegan diet, or if you’re interested in functional medicine or Whole30. My personal doctor also happens to be Melissa Hartwig’s personal doctor (she created Whole30), so he speaks fluent Whole30! 

If you suffer from a chronic illness, your Steady MD doctor can be there when you need them to help you manage symptoms, medicine, and other support issues.

Having a Steady MD doctor also means you’re less likely to need emergency room visits for non-urgent issues. Instead of taking your out-of-sorts toddler to the hospital, you can get immediate assessment and advice from your doctor without leaving home.

What if I Need Lab Work or Tests? Or a Specialist?

Your Steady MD doctor can order lab tests and prescriptions straight away online and have your medications sent to your local pharmacy. They can also recommend low care options for lab tests and blood work.

Steady MD has access to a team of healthcare specialists, including neurologists, cardiologists, and pediatricians. Your doctor can consult with them about your health needs and concerns, and if necessary, refer you to a local specialist.

The old-fashioned family doctor might be a distant memory for you, but Steady MD goes a long way to bringing them back to the future. If your life goals include maximizing your body’s potential, or if you just care about getting the best possible, prompt healthcare for you and your family, Steady MD may be the best option for you.

If you want to take the quiz to see which doctor is the perfect fit for you, CLICK HERE now! You can also save $100 by using THIS LINK to get started! Feel free to ask questions in the comments below, I am happy to share more about our personal experience with Steady MD! 

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Steady MD Review | Real Food RN


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