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Ecocentric Mom & Baby Subscription Boxes | Real Food RN

One of the biggest roadblocks that I try to tackle with the recipes and post on my blog is the TIME factor. So many busy Mamas just don’t have the time to make everything from scratch (this includes personal care products and food)! So, I try to come up with make-ahead, quick recipes and easy tips to follow to make clean eating and living doable. Well, I found another resource for Mamas who want to make things easier! The Ecocentric Mom & Baby Subscription Boxes!

With Ecocentric Mom Box you will be discovering new natural, sustainable, organic, and ethical products with every box!

Ecocentric Mom’s goal is to make lives easier for moms by educating them about toxins in products and introducing them to safe, natural, and eco-friendly brands.  With each subscription box, they also include tips and information on fitness, green living, and healthy food choices.

Delivered right to your door! You don’t have to struggle with all of the kids while trying to find healthy items in the store aisles! 

Ecocentric Mom

I wanted to show you an example of some of the goodies that you will receive, so I put together a review post.

What’s in the Box:

Each box will contain 5-9 hand-selected products that will be gentle on your body and the earth, as well as green and healthy living tips.  There will be a mix of large sample sizes and full sizes with a retail value of $24-$50+ per box.

The box was filled with all sorts of goodies. I had never tried many of the brands in the box and was excited to give them a try! It’s a great way to learn about new products that I might otherwise never have found, especially the items from Etsy!

March/April Ecocentric Mom Box:

Ecocentric Mom & Baby Subscription Boxes | Real Food RN

  1. Country Choice Organic Oatmeal 
    1. Description: Country Choice Organic is a producer of USDA certified organic oatmeal. These single serve oatmeal packets include a multigrain blend of oats, rye, barley and wheat. At only 160-170 calories, each serving is a powerful source of fiber and protein.  Maple Spice with Raisin and Cranberry Apple.
    2. Product Pricing: SRP Cranberry Apple: $4.29 for 8 ct box
Ecocentric Mom & Baby Subscription Boxes | Real Food RN

  1. Goddess Garden 
    1. Description: We created Goddess Garden because our family loves the great outdoors. Unlike traditional chemical sunscreens, Goddess Garden is safe, effective, biodegradable, and free from harmful chemicals.
    2. Product Pricing: $14.99-$17.99 for 3.4 oz bottle
  2. Earth’s Enrichment 
    1. Description: This USDA Organic Certified body & skin care company prides itself on being health conscious and environmentally friendly. Each product is 95%+ organic & provides the best skin care that organic products can!
    2. Product Pricing: $14.99 for 8 oz tub (included)
Ecocentric Mom & Baby Subscription Boxes | Real Food RN

  1. Pure + Remedy  
    1. Botanical Firming Eye Cream: This powerful firming eye cream is formulated with dozens of botanical extracts, plant oils, and vitamins to boost collagen production, promote cellular rejuvenation and repair wrinkles. It will leave your eye area soft and hydrated with fine lines and wrinkles minimized.
    2. Vitamin C Concentrate Eye Gel: This gentle and lightweight eye gel is a concentrated delivery system for a high form of active, bioavailable Vitamin C to skin around eyes. It instantly cools and soothes the delicate eye area.
    3. Product Pricing: $32 for Botanical Firming Eye Cream (0.5 oz) and $30 for Vitamin C Concentrate Eye Gel (0.5 oz). Samples are 0.25 oz each 
Ecocentric Mom & Baby Subscription Boxes | Real Food RN

  1. Eco Eggs 
    1. Description: eco eggs are made in the USA from plants, 100% renewable content, and are fully compostable after use. They are made from non-toxic, durable, plant-based plastic and have a secure closure. eco eggs can be stored and reused for many Easters. After use, dispose of eggs in industrial compost.
    2. Product Pricing: $5 per 12ct box
  2. Equal Exchange — who wouldn’t LOVE chocolate delivered to their door!
    1. Description: Equal Exchange minis are made with cacao (cocoa beans) from farmer co-operatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru. The sugar and vanilla are also fairly traded and organic. The sugar comes from co-operatives in Paraguay and the vanilla from a co-operative in Madagascar.
    2. Product Pricing: 20ct 4.5-g minis per 3.2oz box. for $6.99
Ecocentric Mom & Baby Subscription Boxes | Real Food RN

  1.  Bears’s Beauty 
    1. Description: 100% Natural Hand-Made Small Batch Vegan Skin Care or the whole family! Essential Oils & Clays are suspended in a base of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to give you a naturally fresh experience without chemicals! 
    2. Product Pricing: $6 for 0.75 oz tube  (included)
    3. Coupon Code: ECOMOM2015 for 15% off 1st order over $25
  2. Eco Trek Whole Foods Bars 
    1. Description: The Whole Food Bars are created from nutrient-dense ingredients, avoiding refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. They contain a wide variety of green foods, and happen to be vegan & dairy-free too!
    2. Product Pricing: $14 for box of 6 bars
  3. Brigit True Organics 
    1. Description: Brigit True Organics is a woman-owned, organic skin care company that offers hypoallergenic body care for super-sensitive skin. Their whole line is gluten-free, soy-free and doesn’t contain any nut oils.
      Their Peppermint Lip Balm is crafted with soothing healing herbs to bring immediate comfort and long-lasting protection to sensitive, dry, or chapped lips.
    2. Product Pricing: 0.15 oz (included) retail value $5

Boxes ship Every-Other-Month.

Ecocentric Mom Boxes can be purchased as a single box (one delivery) for $24 or as a monthly subscription for 3 deliveries for $72 or 6 deliveries for $144. All deliveries have Free Shipping to the US!  I think this is great value considering each box contains $25-$50 worth of products!

Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom Box is a great gift idea but also a way to help other moms learn about green living and making healthy choices!

Visit Ecocentric Mom to learn more about their Subscription Box Service.

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Ecocentric Mom & Baby Subscription Boxes | Real Food RN
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  1. Thanks for the review! I have not heard about this subscription box but I am very interested in possibly giving it a try! I just found out that I am expecting so I cannot decide which subscription box to go with since all of the box descriptions describe my season in life! I am always interested in trying new natural and healthy products.

    1. Hi Joy, all of the boxes have been great so far. It’s fun to be able to try so many new things and I have found a lot of new items that I added to my routine from these boxes!

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