Black Friday Healthy Living Deals!

You don't want to miss these Black Friday deals for healthy living!

Black Friday Healthy Living Deals! | Real Food RN

Hey guys!

Every year, I put together a list of the amazing sales that are going on in November, with the main focus on HEALTHY LIVING!! Such a great time to save on health tools to use to reach your New Year’s health goals. I will break them up into categories to make them easy to navigate.

Black Friday Healthy Living Deals! | Real Food RN


Black Friday Healthy Living Deals! | Real Food RN

Real Food:

  • Paleovalley: We LOVE their meat sticks (and also their supplements, especially this one!). Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Get 30% OFF Subscriptions for life or 20% OFF a one-time order (Nov 26th-Dec 2nd)! How does it work? When you sign up for their Subscribe & Save Program, you will lock in 30% OFF the entire store, for as long as your subscription is active. Everything is customizable! You get to choose: the frequency of deliveries, which products are included, if you want to skip a shipment altogether, or when you want to cancel.
  • Serenity Kids Baby & Toddler Food: From Nov. 21st – Nov. 28th, you can get 25% off their amazing, healthy baby and toddler foods (and even formula!) using coupon code KATE20 and shopping HERE. All of their baby food is low in sugar, high in healthy fats, and free from sugary fruits, grains, eggs, nuts, dairy, gluten, added sugars, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, and additives. Their organic baby food pouches are made from high-quality farm-to-high-chair ingredients. It’s the only baby food we have purchased for many years now!
  • ButcherBox Meats: Free steak for a year!! New customers receive two 10 oz Ribeyes in every box for 1 year! They have extremely high-quality meat: delicious 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, pork-raised crate-free, and wild-caught seafood. I especially love their salmon; it is the best I have ever tasted!
Black Friday Healthy Living Deals! | Real Food RN

Personal Care Products:

  • Makeup and Skincare: My personal favorite clean makeup and skincare line has a TON of amazing holiday sets available (and they almost always sell out!) so stock up! Use coupon code CLEANFORALL20 to save 20% when you shop HERE. If I had to pick three products, they would be: Best in Clean, Going Places, and Multi-Masker. Hint: these make great gifts too!
Black Friday Healthy Living Deals! | Real Food RN

Health Tools:

  • HigherDose Infrared Products are offering many deals: Sauna Blanket: $120 off, Infrared PEMF Mat: $250 off, PEMF Go Mat: $120 off, Red Light Mask: $60 off. Promo code: None. Discount automatically applied at checkout. Discounts are offered from Nov. 11th – Nov. 29th. I also love their copper body brush and use it daily for skin brushing and lymph drainage! Here’s a little more info: “Our Infrared Sauna Blanket detoxifies the body and mind with a healthy sweat that boosts your mood, while the Infrared PEMF Mats recharge and ground at the cellular level for pain relief and deep relaxation. Our newest device, the Red Light Face Mask stimulates collagen, activates glowing skin, reduces fine lines, and regenerates cells.”
  • Sunlighten Saunas. We have three saunas, and I use them 6 days a week! Definitely one of the most important health tools that we own! If you want to get one for Christmas this year, THIS LINK saves you $600 off a big wooden one or $250 off the smaller Solo sauna.
Black Friday Healthy Living Deals! | Real Food RN


  • The Mama Natural Birth Course (I took it and LOVED it!) is 25% off. Genevieve is a personal friend of mine, and she is one of the smartest women I know. Her birth course should be taken by every mama-to-be. Please share this deal with the mamas in your life! She also has an amazing book that I re-read through three of my five pregnancies!

⭐️  Also, if you need gift-giving ideas, I have loaded some of my favorite things into lists in my Amazon Storefront!

Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Black Friday Healthy Living Deals! | Real Food RN
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