Birthday Party Ideas: the Birthday Interview

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Birthday Party Ideas: the Birthday Interview | Real Food RN

I am sort of a crazy lady when it comes to keeping records of things for my family. My kids all have their own pregnancy scrapbook (a detailed account of my entire pregnancy with them), a HUGE overflowing baby book, books filled with their artwork from each year, and now their annual Birthday Interview. I of course found the idea on Pinterest, and then made it my own. Age three is when the interview process begins, and I plan to continue this tradition on for as long as they will answer my questions. I love to look back to the previous year to see how they have changed. So if you are looking for creative ideas to commemorate your kiddos every year, here are some birthday party ideas: the Birthday Interview.

There are a few musts to filling out the birthday interview…

1) Catch them when they are not engrossed in playtime so they will give you honest answers and their full attention. I always do the interviews at breakfast so they are awake and fresh from a nights sleep. Plus, they are less likely to be distracted by all of the days activities at this point in their day.

2) Use their language. If they say “I like kitty, and puppy, and frog, and mouses”, then write it down like that. Do not correct grammar. It’s more fun to look back and hear it in their own words.

3) Add pictures to the interview when you print it off. That way you can put a face to the “voice” when you look back years from now.

4) Ask the same questions every year, don’t modify.

5) Stay consistent. Don’t do an interview every year for your first child and then trickle off with the rest of your kids. I think this is really important! It makes them feel very special and when it’s only done for one child, there is jealousy. I have heard this from many Mama’s!

6) Make this interview unique to you. Add questions relevant to your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, ask them where their favorite trip has been. If you are frequent fair-goers, ask them what their favorite rides were at the fair this year. You get the point. What does YOUR family do together on a regular basis?

Below I have included the question that I use for my kiddos…

(simply copy and paste these questions into your editing software of choice, I always use PicMonkey to make these!)

Birthday Interview

Favorite color: 

Favorite food: 

Favorite song: 

Favorite book: 

Favorite movie:  

Favorite TV show:  

Favorite animal 

Favorite game:  

Favorite snack: 

Favorite fruit: 

Favorite drink: 

Favorite PJ’s: 

Favorite outfit: 

Favorite toy: 

What do you bring everywhere with you 

Favorite outside activity: 

Who is your best friend: 

What do you want to be when you grow up: 


Here are this years installments….

Birthday Party Ideas: the Birthday Interview | Real Food RN

Birthday Party Ideas: the Birthday Interview | Real Food RN

Well, tell me your thoughts. Will YOU do birthday interviews for your kiddos? What questions would you add to my list? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Birthday Party Ideas: the Birthday Interview | Real Food RN

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