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Super Vitamin D

Super Vitamin D | Real Food RN


Who doesn’t need a super boost of sunshine? With our proprietary formula and delivery system, Young Living’s plant-based Super Vitamin D is highly absorbable, vegan friendly, and completely synthetic free. Dissolvable in a delicious mixed berry-flavored tablet, Super Vitamin D is a super source of vitamin D that helps support bone growth and healthy muscle.

Vitamin D plays a key function in respiratory health, and through its innate and adaptive defense mechanisms, it supports the body’s respiratory immune system. This dissolvable tablet is made with lemon balm extract and vitamin D to support mood and hormone regulation.

Features & Benefits

  • Plant-based and vegan-friendly
  • Vitamin D plays a key function in respiratory health and through innate and adaptive defense mechanisms Vitamin D supports the body’s respiratory immune system*.
  • Young Living’s proprietary dissolving tablet complements busy lifestyles
  • Helps boost healthy immune systems
  • Vitamin D and lemon balm supports mood and hormone regulation
  • Helps support bone growth and healthy muscle
  • Supports calcium balance and bone growth
  • Contains no gluten, soy, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, or nut-containing ingredients

How to Use

Take 2 tablets daily with food. Place in mouth and allow to dissolve for 5-10 seconds, then chew for optimal results.


  • Vitamin D
  • Organic Lemon Balm extract
  • Vitamin D3 lichen extract
  • Melissa plant oil
  • Lime peel oil

Where to Purchase

Super Vitamin D | Real Food RN

Retail: $39.14

Wholesale: $29.75

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Super Vitamin D | Real Food RN

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