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Meal Plans

A simple system that takes the overwhelm out of meal planning so you can have more energy, time, health, and money.

I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten emails, private messages, or social media comments requesting meal plans! While I think they are such a useful tool for anyone trying to change to healthier eating habits, I found it daunting to actually put together the meal plans myself! Good news: I have found a meal plan service that I can stand behind, AND I am a recipe contributor! It’s called 20 Dishes.

See How Easy It Is To Plan Each Week Below!

With a 20 Dishes membership, you get:

  • A new 7-day dinner meal plan (with sides) for Gluten-Free (NEW!), Paleo, and Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diets every week.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your week of meals — all geared towards getting you in and out of the kitchen in under one hour.
  • A pre-populated grocery list that is also customizable for each member’s needs.
  • Bi-monthly live webinars with member Q&A.
  • Access to their video training library.

When you log into 20 Dishes, you will see the week’s meal plans for the Paleo, AIP, and Low FODMAP diet in the drop down in your My Menu section, along with the shopping list and step-by-step prep sheet for the week. You can print the recipes and shopping list so you can get started on your first week immediately. We create a new meal plan every week so you get a variety of dishes that will keep your family happy and healthy.Watch the video below for a free one hour webinar showing a step-by-step visual of how EASY these meal plans are!

Does this sound like something that you NEED in your life? Then head on over to the 20 Dishes site for sample meal plans, what others are saying about them, and a video that explains the meal plans in even more detail.

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