Grain Free Berry Crisp

Grain Free Berry Crisp |Real Food RN

There is nothing quite like a berry crisp fresh out of the oven! Warm and delicious with that amazing crumble on top! Smother it in homemade whipped cream and WOW! We ditched grains a few years ago and that pretty much eliminated every crisp recipe in the books — until now. I came up with a grain free berry crisp that is not only delicious, but is also filled with healthy fats from the coconut and almond flours!  [Read more…]

No-Oatmeal Hot Breakfast Cereal

No-Oatmeal Hot Breakfast Cereal | Real Food RN

Ever since we gave up gluten and most grains, I have LONGED FOR cream of wheat. I grew up eating it and loved the warm creamy texture, especially when topped with butter and honey! I have tried the gluten free quinoa hot cereals, the ground up oatmeal with a creamy texture, the rice hot cereals…..none of them were as satisfying as good ‘ol cream of wheat. Until now! I made this no-oatmeal using pecans because I think they have a really nutty, mild flavor. The flax and the chia seeds give the cereal a gel that creates the creamy texture I was craving. Add in some butter, cinnamon, and raisins and OMG — its really good! [Read more…]

3-ingredient Paleo Waffles

3-ingredient Paleo Waffles | Real Food RN

I came up with this recipe from a comment that one of my readers left on my Banana Bacon Frittata recipe. She made it in a waffle iron….brilliant! I decided to add some coconut flour to give the waffles some more body. It’s also fun to add in some spices. So easy to make, takes minutes! My kiddos and my husband love them. This one is a winner! Who can argue with only needing three ingredients for these Paleo waffles? [Read more…]

Homemade Baby Wipe Solution

DIY Baby Wipe Solution | Real Food RN

Today I give you a guest post from one of my amazing fellow foodie bloggers! She is an amazing cook, a mom to a beautiful little girl, a wife, and an essential oil lover (just like me!), and I am proud to call her my friend. She was so gracious to write up a post for me while I am taking time “off” with our latest addition to the family. I need to make this recipe up myself!  [Read more…]

Tomato Tapenade

Tomato Tapenade | Real Food RN

Tomatoes are one of my favorite garden treats because they are so easy to grow, and also amazing fresh off the vine! The only problem is what do do with all of them?! I make pizza sauce, salsa, and all sorts of delicious tomato dishes. I created this recipe to use on some leftover gluten free bread. So tasty! Move over bruschetta, hello tomato tapenade! [Read more…]

Bone Broth Pho Chicken Soup

Bone Broth Pho Chicken Soup | Real Food RN

When I was pregnant with my son I ate Vietnamese Pho Chicken Soup from a local restaurant every Saturday night, without fail. They knew me there, all I had to do was call in a take-out order for Kate and they knew the rest! Yeah, that’s embarassing! But it seriously is mind-numbingly delicious! We are not much for eating out at restaurants because you never know what’s in your food (although this restaurant has some high-quality stuff!) [Read more…]

FREE Essential Oils Welcome Kit

Free Essential Oils Welcome Kit | Real Food RN

Every since I joined Young Living Essential Oils, I have been obsessed with trying oils in every area of my life! From personal care, to recipes, to keeping my children healthy! I’m personally loving them so much that I wanted to do something special for all of my wonderful fellow lovers of everything essential oils! I want to give you a Free Essential Oils Welcome Kit with some great tools to help get you started incorporating essential oils into your daily routine. What better to help you use your new oils than a diffuser necklace and a great book. These are some of my most used EO “tools”!  [Read more…]

Homemade French Fries (no fryer needed!)

Homemade French Fries | Real Food RN

Well I have to admit that we did give up our beloved french fries for a while when we first went Paleo. Then, I started reading article after article that potatoes were okay to consume if you did it right and didn’t consume them every day. So, homemade french fries made their way back into our rotation as a treat! We also alternate the white potatoes with sweet potatoes, although those do not have the same crunch. I made them healthier by frying them in coconut oil and using real sea salt for added minerals. The kids love them and I almost always make them on nights when my husband is out of town for work as a the-kids-will-always-eat-these meal. Mom approved! [Read more…]

Easy Slow Cooker Roast Beef

Easy Slow Cooker Roast | Real Food RN

I am a HUGE fan of using my slow cooker (crockpot)! What’s better than putting a meal into one pot, turning it on, and letting it cook itself? I also enjoy the smell of something simmering away for hours! Let me tell you, this recipe smells GOOD! We are fortunate enough to get grass-fed beef from my in-laws who have a cattle farm and our freezer just happens to be filled with roasts right now. So, this means that I make at least one per week. This method of easy slow cooker roast beef is the most common method that I use because its seriously so so easy! You can even make it with a still-frozen roast straight from the freezer!  [Read more…]

The Digestion Sessions: Change Your Life

The Digestion Sessions | Real Food RN

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I just HAVE TO get the word out about this amazing online event! I see so much symptomatic management where I work, not as much getting to the root problem. This series dives much much deeper into everything that surrounds digestive disorders and offers solutions, real solutions! Here is just a sneak peek of what you will learn from the Digestion Sessions. Life changing information to say the least! [Read more…]