Is Bone Broth Healthy?

Is Bone Broth Healthy? | Real Food RN

Bone broth has become a sensation amongst the real food and paleo communities in the past few years. Sally Fallon even wrote an entire book about it! Everyone is making it and recommending if for everything from pain recovery to gut healing. But, is it really the magical elixir that everyone is making it out to be? Well, we think it is pretty amazing and have noticed some pretty dramatic health improvements after we started drinking it regularly! The best part is that it’s FOOD, which means you will have many positive benefits from it without side effects!

My husband and I drink a warm mug of bone broth every single night before bed. Recently, we started adding in some turmeric (following my Turmeric Milk recipe) to help with inflammation. After this addition to our routine, my knees no longer hurt from running and my husband doesn’t need to wear wraps on his knees when he plays softball during the week! I’m convinced!  [Read more…]

Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

Uses for Lemon Essential Oil | Real Food RN

I have been using essential oils for many years now and absolutely love them! There are so many uses and I honestly use several of them every single day! I wanted to put together some posts about how I use my oils so I could share the love. I am doing a series that goes over the eleven Everyday Essential Oils that come included with the Premium Starter Kit.  [Read more…]

Is Olive Oil Healthy?

Is Olive Oil Healthy | Real Food RN

If you have been watching your fat and caloric intake, you may have cut olive oil out of your diet, or at least lessened how frequently you use it. But there are real benefits to adding it back in! Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been proven to provide protection against many diseases. [Read more…]

Zucchini Hotdish

Zucchini Hotdish | Real Food RN

Growing up, we had zucchini hotdish frequently in the summertime, because if you’ve ever grown zucchini in your garden then you know how much comes up at once! We had to use it up. Tomatoes were also ready around the same time. My parents would walk down to the garden and pick dinner, 30 minutes later we would be eating it up! Nothing better than fresh zucchini hotdish! [Read more…]

Our Favorite Healthy Chicken Marinade

Healthy Chicken Marinade | Real Food RN

Grilling season is short here in Minnesota, so we take FULL advantage. I am a sucker for grilled chicken, probably my favorite thing to throw on the grill. So, naturally I had to come up with a sensational marinade. This one is a winner! Plus, it uses very few ingredients so its easy to whip up a healthy chicken marinade in no time at all!  [Read more…]

Grain Free Mini Donuts

Grain Free Mini Donuts | Real Food RN

So, let’s talk fair food. All of the grease, sugar, and everything served on a stick. Yes, I am sure you have your favorites too. Everyone knows it’s definitely NOT health food. But, we all still manage to gobble some down every summer. Am I right? Then you pay for it, especially if you have any intolerance to grains, processed seed oils, or sugar!  [Read more…]

Just Enjoy Health Podcast

Just Enjoy Health Podcast Interview | Real Food RN

My good friend Dr. Meghan Birt invited me to be on her wonderful Just Enjoy Health podcast. We are friends in real life and could honestly chat about health for hours, and we have many times! In this podcast we talk about how to get started eating a real food diet, how to make it manageable, and what I am currently doing to optimize the health of my family!  [Read more…]

How Toxic Are Skin Care Products?

How Toxic Are Skin Care Products | Real Food RN

Does Beauty Have to Mean Toxins? What’s in Your Skin Care Products?

We women use makeup to make us beautiful—to give us a “fresh” look and to bring out our best features. We lacquer our eyelids, plaster our lips with the season’s most popular lip color and varnish our faces with moisturizer, all in the name of beauty. But did you know that even though the FDA controls the contents allowed in skin care products, there are dangerous chemicals that seep into our skin each time we apply them? [Read more…]

The Best Grain Free Flours

The Best Grain Free Flours  | Real Food RN

We went grain free a few years ago and are feeling great! But, when we first made the transition, my baked goods suffered. Learning how to bake with flours made from nuts and coconut was a whole new experience for me, and because of this many recipes flopped! Many more that I would like to think of. [Read more…]

DIY Vitamin C Serum

DIY Vitamin C Serum | Real Food RN

After the birth of my third child, my skin changed. I noticed the color was not as even and spots were starting to pop up. I especially noticed it when looking back at older photos of myself. What’s a crunchy Mama to do? I could not justify spending the cold hard cash on those expensive lightening creams, nor did I want to use those harsh chemicals. So, I did some homework [Read more…]