Is Going Grain Free Healthy?

Is Going Grain Free Healthy | Real Food RN

This is a guest post from my very good friend, fellow oiler, and fellow blogger Meghan. She is an amazingly talented and nutritionally educated chiropractor. I am so happy that she provided me with this amazing guest post to share here! 

I’m guessing that you’ve heard a lot about the Paleo diet or heard of a grain free diet. Do you ever wonder what that looks like? [Read more…]

10-Minute Homemade Ice Cream (no cook method)

10-Minute Homemade Ice Cream (no cook method) | Real Food RN

Have you ever had an ice cream emergency? Where you were craving it so bad that you were ready to get into the car to drive to the store just to buy a pint? When I was pregnant I had a four-alarm emergency almost daily! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the ingredients in many of the kinds that you find at the store. So, I started to make my own. Well, when you have to cook it and then cool it, and then process it, you can’t really satisfy that emergency urgency. [Read more…]

5-Minute Ranch Dip (dairy free)

5-minute Ranch Dip | Real Food RN

I grew up dipping everything in ranch. Every time we went to a restaurant I would request two sided of ranch to go with my meal. I was a girl obsessed. Looking back, my brain was clearly addicted….to the MSG and all of the excitement that stirs up in your brain chemistry! No more MSG for me thankyouverymuch! So, I came up with my own ranch dip that is filled with healthy ingredients and that I can use liberally without destroying my brain.  [Read more…]

How to Choose the Best Quality Essential Oils

How to Choose the Best Quality Essential Oils | Real Food RN

Those of us who use essential oils to advance a healthy lifestyle are no longer considered hippy-dippy tree huggers. That’s good news. And, with the increased interest in essential oil usage, it’s now easier to find essential oils. This is good news…sometimes. Before purchasing essential oils, it’s important to know that they are not all created equally. There are multiple processes that essential oils must go through to ensure they are the quality that will produce the desired results. Here is how to choose the best quality essential oils. [Read more…]

Chocolate Cake Cookies

Chocolate Cake Cookies | Real Food RN

I have a sweet tooth. My grandma gave it to me, totally genetic! I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is the fuel that fires me up to always try to create healthy chocolate recipes that are so healthy you could even eat them for breakfast! This recipe does the trick. It is also a perfect recipe for those who are gluten, dairy, or egg intolerant. Raise you hand if you want to eat healthy chocolate cake cookies! [Read more…]

Sweet Potato German Dumplings (gluten free)

Sweet Potato German Dumplings | Real Food RN

Growing up, my grandma used to make dumplings as a special treat. Her old German recipe, she always said they were the best with day old potatoes. Every time I have sweet potatoes left over I wonder if they would make good dumplings. So I finally took the plunge and made some. I had to make them gluten free of course. I am so happy I did! These have quickly become a staple in our rotation. The are so versatile, you can eat them with many different sauces or use them in soup! My Grandma would be proud that I have re-created her classic dumplings and made them healthier sweet potato german dumplings! Miss you Grannie XOXO [Read more…]

Stovetop Homemade Kettle Corn

Stovetop Homemade Kettle Corn | Real Food RN

I love popcorn, especially kettle corn….and I especially love homemade kettle corn! When I was a kid we used to have popcorn nights, where we would all get to have HUGE bowls of popcorn for dinner. This was a meal reserved for summer nights when it was too hot to eat a big meal, or for winter nights when we would hunker down and watch movies back-to-back — when it was too cold to do anything else. Now we didn’t just have plain old popcorn. [Read more…]

Easy Paleo Chocolate Frosting

Paleo Chocolate Frosting | Real Food RN

This recipe was inspired by my friend Lisa over at Thrive Style, she eats it for breakfast! Yes, its not only a delicious frosting recipe, but it also helps give your metabolism a kick in the rear too! Who wants frosting with their coffee? This girl!

I have a serious sweet tooth so I adjusted her recipe because sugar in the morning = sugar monster all day long! Stevia solved that problem. You can use any sweetener that you prefer though. [Read more…]

Garlic Oil for Ear Infections

Garlic Oil for Ear Infections | Real Food RN

Growing up, I have a few memories of being sick. But, I was generally very healthy. One memory that really stands out in my mind was the use of garlic oil to help ear infections. The reason why this stands out in my mind is because it was so miraculous! It was almost instant relief, in my experience. So, when I noticed my little guy digging in his ear all day until it turned bright red I knew I had to make up some of this magic garlic oil. It still works like magic! [Read more…]