Healthy Hot Chocolate Squares

Healthy Hot Chocolate Squares | Real Food RN

Every now and then (or every 5 minutes!) I get a chocolate craving! I love chocolate, and even though there are antioxidants in the real dark chocolate, it’s still high in sugar. Sugar creates lots of inflammation in the body. I have been trying to come up with some recipes that satisfy the sweet tooth, provide the antioxidant levels of dark chocolate, and have a lower (or no sugar) content. So I threw together this recipe with cocoa powder and honey. Yay, no sugar! Plus, you also get the medicinal benefits of raw honey. The coconut oil is full of healthy fats and the gelatin is good for your hair, nails, and gut lining. I think this recipe sounds pretty darn healthy! Don’t you? Just try not to eat the whole pan right away! I named them healthy hot chocolate squares because they seriously taste like hot chocolate!  [Read more…]

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Chili

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Chili | Real Food RN

Okay so I can’t take full credit for this recipe. The truth is my Mom made it and brought us a large mason jar full of it one day. She called it chili, so I naturally assumed that my kids would say “it’s too spicy” and reserved it for my husband and I that night for dinner. I made something else for the kiddos. My daughter decided that she needed to taste what Grandma had made and to my astonishment not only did she like it but she ate my husbands entire bowl! Both of my kids loved it! So, I got the recipe from my Mom and made it my own version with the addition and subtraction of a few things. Such a comforting cold weather meal: sweet potato pumpkin chili! [Read more…]

Birthday Party Ideas: the Birthday Interview

Birthday Party Ideas: the Birthday Interview | Real Food RN

I am sort of a crazy lady when it comes to keeping records of things for my family. My kids all have their own pregnancy scrapbook (a detailed account of my entire pregnancy with them), a HUGE overflowing baby book, books filled with their artwork from each year, and now their annual Birthday Interviews. I of course found the idea on Pinterest, and then made it my own. Age three is when the interview process begins, and I plan to continue this tradition on for as long as they will answer my questions. I love to look back to the previous year to see how they have changed. So if you are looking for creative ideas to commemorate your kiddos every year, here are some birthday party ideas: the Birthday Interview. [Read more…]

Homemade Hollandaise Sauce in the Blender

Homemade Hollandaise Sauce in the Blender | Real Food RN

Growing up my Mom had a good friend who knew how to make homemade eggs benedict. Every time she was over I would BEG her to make it. Mostly I just liked the hollandaise sauce, I could seriously drink the stuff. A rich and buttery sauce that goes good on just about everything, in my opinion. When I became pregnant with my third child, I craved the stuff! The best part? It’s a great food for pregnant women to consume because if you make it with the right kind of eggs and butter it will be full of healthy brain building fats and vitamins — perfect for a developing baby. Yeah, I ate a LOT of it during my pregnancy — and I continue to do so while breastfeeding. Fat is good, eat up!  [Read more…]

My All Natural Hospital Birth

My All Natural Hospital Birth | Real Food RN

So to say an all natural hospital birth might sound like a contradiction, but it’s basically occupying a hospital bed for a night. At the request of my husband, I decided to have my children in a hospital setting. He was of course afraid of complications that could be life threatening, and being the loving wife that I am, I honored his request. Giving up my dreams of laboring in a tub in my living room and then crawling into my own bed for the night with my new bundle of joy. However, after my first experience in the hospital as a patient (not an employee), [Read more…]

Paleo Cheesecake Bites

Paleo Cheesecake Bites | Real Food RN

Today is a guest post recipe from another fabulous blogger friend of mine. She was kind enough to give me this amazing recipe to post and I hope you enjoy it too! Happy Holidays!!!

Ahhh December- the season of deserts and sweet treats every day.  It’s never too early to bite into a Christmas treat this month- one of the best parts of this time of year.  I adore the variety of baked goods all around, and the delightful smell fresh baked items bring.  Behind each crafted desert is somebody who dedicated time and attention to make these sweet holiday treats.  Speaking of deserts and baking, when I think about my baking, it has evolved greatly over the years.  Where I once spent time baking Reese’s Bars from a box, today my baking has morphed into something much different. [Read more…]

Healthy Living Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Sale | Real Food RN

To celebrate Black Friday and to show my gratitude for my readers, I decided to team up with my fellow real food and healthy living bloggers to offer you an awesome Black Friday deal filled with goodies! You will get up to 80% OFF of EVERYTHING listed below!

So all of the books, classes and meal plans have a total value of $651.65 regularly and are on SALE for only $222.72 total. Now you definitely don’t have to buy them all, but I just wanted to let you know that its a savings of $428.93! How awesome is that! If you haven’t gotten around to purchasing any of these meal plans, classes or e-books, then NOW is the time!! [Read more…]

DIY Essential Oil Gift Ideas

DIY Essential Oil Gift Ideas | Real Food RN

I LOVE essential oils and I use them every single day! All of the cleaning supplies in my house have been replaced with homemade (non-toxic) cleaners made with essential oils. All of my personal care products have been replaced with homemade (non-toxic) versions using essential oils. I use them to keep my house smelling fresh, to keep my kids healthy, and to keep my spirits up. [Read more…]

Breakfast Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs |Real Food RN

I remember the first time I saw a recipe for scotch eggs, first I was kind of grossed out by the serious caveman-ness of it all….and then I was drooling. After you get past the fact that they look a little like dinosaur eggs you can appreciate them for the protein-packed deliciousness that they are! Scotch eggs are not only tasty, but they are also super easy to make. Impress all of your guests with this cute little breakfast balls! [Read more…]

Grain Free Berry Crisp

Grain Free Berry Crisp |Real Food RN

There is nothing quite like a berry crisp fresh out of the oven! Warm and delicious with that amazing crumble on top! Smother it in homemade whipped cream and WOW! We ditched grains a few years ago and that pretty much eliminated every crisp recipe in the books — until now. I came up with a grain free berry crisp that is not only delicious, but is also filled with healthy fats from the coconut and almond flours!  [Read more…]