Fermented Watermelon Rind Pickles

Fermented Watermelon Rind Pickles | Real Food RN

So I have this issue with throwing away food. I always want to find a way to use up my scraps, either in another recipe or in my compost bin. This summer my husband and kids decided to go on a watermelon binge and I had rinds coming out of my ears. I had heard of watermelon rind pickles, but never actually tasted one. Fermenting foods is one of my favorite “cooking” methods, so I decided to give these a go. [Read more…]

Chocolate Superfood Cookies

Chocolate Superfood Cookies | Real Food RN

My kids love to help in the kitchen, and they especially love to make cookies! As much as I loved the basic chocolate chip cookie dough that I grew up making with my Mom and Grandma, I don’t enjoy the ingredients that we used. We don’t eat white flour or sugar anymore. I had to come up with a healthy cookie recipe that did not contain those ingredients. I wanted to make this a cookie that everyone could enjoy! [Read more…]

Lactation Cookie Dough Bites

Lactation Cookie Dough Bites | Real Food RN

I have breastfed three babies, and let me tell you, it’s been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. There is something so calming about nuzzling your babe as they have a snack — except when your milk supply takes a dip. That can cause lots of anxiety! It happens to everyone and can be related to diet (not getting enough of the right kinds of food), dehydration, stress, and other factors. [Read more…]

Asian Tuna Salad (LifeCafe Copycat Recipe)

Asian Tuna Salad Recipe | Real Food RN

The gym that my family goes to has a cafe in it that has some pretty awesome food. It’s so hard not to stop in there on the way out and eat it all after a hard workout. The reason I resist is because I could spend a small fortune on all of the goodies in there. One of their items, however, draws me in there frequently: their asian tuna salad. It has the most amazing flavor!!! [Read more…]

The Health Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

The Health Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms | Real Food RN

You may not want to toss your next salad with some reishi mushrooms (yeah, they are really bitter), but when you hear what all this little ‘shroom can do, you may decide to add it to your supplement regiment! The reishi mushroom, also known as gandoderma and lingzhi mushroom, has been a staple in Eastern medicine since, well, forever, but as is often the case, the West was slower in recognizing its healing properties. [Read more…]

Homemade Mascara Recipe

Homemade Mascara Recipe | Real Food RN

I have read recently that lavender may complement some of your favorite shampoos, lotions, or skin care products. I am attempting to make all of my self-care products and cosmetics so making my own all natural mascara was the natural next step for me. [Read more…]

NingXia Gummies

NingXia Gummies | Real Food RN

We call them Ninja Gummies, because they give my kids the energy and skills of a ninja! Well, maybe not, but they are super healthy and my kiddos LOVE them! They love them so much that they request that I make them when they have friends over so they can offer them to their guests. Love it! I make homemade gummies weekly now, and NingXia Red is our favorite new addition. [Read more…]

Is Bone Broth Healthy?

Is Bone Broth Healthy? | Real Food RN

Bone broth has become a sensation amongst the real food and paleo communities in the past few years. Sally Fallon even wrote an entire book about it! Everyone is making it and recommending if for everything from pain recovery to gut healing. But, is it really the magical elixir that everyone is making it out to be? Well, we think it is pretty amazing and have noticed some pretty dramatic health improvements after we started drinking it regularly! The best part is that it’s FOOD, which means you will have many positive benefits from it without side effects!

My husband and I drink a warm mug of bone broth every single night before bed. Recently, we started adding in some turmeric (following my Turmeric Milk recipe) to help with inflammation. After this addition to our routine, my knees no longer hurt from running and my husband doesn’t need to wear wraps on his knees when he plays softball during the week! I’m convinced!  [Read more…]