What We Eat Wednesday: Snack Edition!

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What We Eat Wednesday: Snack Edition! | Real Food RN


My children typically eat GREAT for breakfast and dinner, but lunch never seems to happen. Between breakfast and dinner is usually a series of snacks. Many people argue that kids should have three square meals and not snack all day, well I invite them to come feed my children lunch. Way too busy playing to sit down and eat at that time of day!

I do not succumb to the pre-packaged (mostly grain-based) snacks like goldfish, cereal, and crackers. I also don’t think kids should live on fruit snacks and dried fruits. I want their snacks to still be high-quality food that is nutritionally dense. Here are a few of my favorite snack foods to give them.

  • Venison snack sticks (pictured above), grass-fed beef sticks/hot-dogs, or pastured pork sausage
  • Raw cheese (especially Gouda)
  • Steamed or raw veggies with homemade mayo or fermented ketchup
  • Green apple slices (lowest in sugar) with almond butter
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Deviled eggs
  • Frittata bites
  • Frittata muffins
  • Applesauce with raw yogurt
  • Scrambled eggs and bacon pieces (bite sized pieces on a plate they can graze from because they won’t sit down to eat it for lunch)
  • Kale chips
  • Apple chips


  • Water
  • Kombucha
  • Raw milk
  • Raw milk Kefir
  • Water Kefir

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