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soups & stews

soups & stews

Hearty Classic Beef Stew

A classic dish that warms the belly and offers a hearty meal with lots of vegetables, flavors, and tender beef.

soups & stews

Healthy Mexican Corn Chowder

A thick, creamy, and hearty chowder will keep you warm on a chilly night. Pair it with a salad or sandwich for a delicious lunch or light dinner.

soups & stews

Quick Low Carb Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is a staple appetizer at most Chinese meals. You'll love this easy, fast recipe where you'll be able to whip up your own batch in about 30 minutes. It's healthy, delicious, and nourishing for your body since it uses bone broth.


Easy & Nourishing Make-Ahead (and Freeze) Recipes for the Postpartum Mother

This recipe compilation is loaded with healthy recipes that nourish the new mother so she can heal and properly care for and bond with her new baby.

soups & stews

Healthy Cream of Mushroom Soup

Rich and packed with flavor, a comforting bowl of mushroom soup will hit the spot during colder months.

soups & stews

Low Carb Cheesy Broccoli Soup

Comforting and packed with flavor, nothing beats a thick and delicious broccoli soup.

soups & stews

Healthy Cheeseburger Soup

Utterly decadent and moreish, this chunky soup is packed with all the flavors we have come to love in a cheeseburger!

soups & stews

Gluten-Free White Chicken Chili

A satisfying meal in 40 minutes! Each helping is very generous and packed with flavor.

soups & stews

Gluten-Free Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

A simple, hearty soup using the humblest of ingredients. This soup is a perfect recipe when you need a meal on the table in less than 30 minutes.

soups & stews

My Family Favorite Homemade Chili Recipe

Homemade chili is perfect for cold weather meals, game day dishes, and party potlucks. You'll love this hearty, flavorful homemade beef chili.

soups & stews

Vegan Chili Recipe That’s Healthy AND Flavorful

This crowd-pleasing, one-pot dish is packed with goodness, color, flavor, and it’s completely vegan! Borrowing flavors from a traditional chili con carne, we simply cooked a rainbow of high-fiber veggies along with the red kidney beans and pureed tomatoes.

soups & stews

Bone Broth and Coconut Thai Green Chicken Curry

If you love curry as much as I do, you'll love this recipe. And it's extra nourishing because it's made with bone broth. Make a big batch and freeze it for later.

soups & stews

Hot and Sour Soup with Shrimp (Tom Yum Goong)

Thailand’s most famous soup, I consider this the king of all Thai soups. One great thing about tom yum soup is its simplicity. From start to finish you can easily have this ready in about 20 minutes.

soups & stews

Instant Pot Creamy White Cheddar, Chicken Sausage, and Kale Soup

This creamy soup has so many wonderful health-promoting ingredients and has quickly become a family favorite.

appetizers & snacks

25 Instant Pot Recipes for the Holidays

The handy dandy Instant Pot has reduced kitchen time significantly. With the holidays here, I wanted to put together a collection of quick and easy Instant Pot recipes.

soups & stews

Our Family Favorite Seafood Chowder

You'll love this healthy, creamy seafood chowder. It's sooooo good! Go ahead, make a double batch and fill the freezer.

Lunches & Dinners

45 Easy Whole30 Meal Ideas

soups & stews

Hearty Sweet Potato Pumpkin Chili

Such a comforting meal when you want to warm up your belly and take a new twist on a favorite classic.

soups & stews

Bone Broth Pho Chicken Soup

Through a lot of trial and error, I finally got my own pho soup recipe just right. It is seriously mind-numbingly delicious, and has lots of health benefits! I love to make it in huge batches and freeze for later.


Healing and Nourishing 7-Day Bone Broth Recipe

When you have extra bones leftover, make this 7-day bone broth to save money and have homemade broth for soups and other recipes. Make a huge batch and freeze to have on hand for future use.

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