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Non-Toxic Home

Non-Toxic Home

How Toxic Are Our Homes? You Will Be Surprised!

You do everything you can to keep your family safe and healthy. You buy whole, organic foods, you avoid fast food, you make sure everyone gets exercise. But what about the hidden toxins in your home that are eroding your health without you even realizing it? How toxic are our homes?

Non-Toxic Home

How to Safely Eliminate Toxins in Your Home

We live in a toxic environment, but if you take these easy steps, it will help lessen that toxic burden. These steps are not only easy but also cost-effective! Plus, taking these steps can seriously reduce your risks of developing illness later in life!

Non-Toxic Home

Why You Need a Non-Toxic Mattress

There are several options out there, some better than others. But after meticulous research, I’ve chosen Organix for my family. Not only is it the most amazingly comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on, I no longer need to worry that those I love are being poisoned as they sleep! This mattress does not emit toxins, period!

Non-Toxic Home

How to Clean a Microsuede Couch with One Simple Ingredient

I never thought I would get such joy from learning how to clean a microsuede couch, but this really is awesome! Our couch plays many roles in our house: bed, trampoline, fort....and canvas for food and drink. My kids spill something on it almost hourly.

Non-Toxic Home

Non-toxic Spring Cleaning

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