Sunday Snapshot: Through a Child’s Eyes

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We have been going on many great adventures over the past few weeks and I have been really making an effort to stop and see the world the same way that my children do. It’s so amazing watching them observe the world around them. Everything is new and exciting. It really fills me up watching them explore. It’s amazing how much we miss in our fast-paced lives. I am now making a conscious effort to stop and smell the flowers….and watch the bugs.

Here are a few of the wonderful discoveries we made this week…

Baby green tree frogs! Wow were these a hit. One actually jumped out of my salad spinner when I was washing garden greens for dinner. SURPRISE!

photo 1-1

The simple joy of an ice-cream cone on a hot day (homemade raw milk ice-cream!)

photo 2

The first Morning Glory to bloom in our garden (she planted the seeds)

photo 3

Snails that we found in the pond by our house

photo 1

 A baby caterpillar that came to join us at our picnic

photo 4

Purple pansies, dress-up dresses and a giant fern forrest

photo 3-1

I like to pretend that I am a little kid again, and see the world as I did when I was little…..

photo 4-1

 (This is me when I was Ellie’s age!)

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