Monthly Link Love: September 2013

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link love sept 2013

September is one of my favorite months because the weather is usually mild and everything starts turing towards fall. The first brisk morning run and the crunch (and wonderful smell!) of the leaves under my feet. September morning runs are some of my favorites! We have been slowly pulling more out of the garden and preserving as much as we can for the winter. We also got new kitty for my daughter (her very first pet!), she named her Penelope. This month my link love includes some really fun and interesting finds!

My favorite pictures from September

link love september 2013

My most popular post this month was:

My favorites from around the web:


My favorite new gadget:

I ordered these in an attempt to get my kids to eat more hard boiled eggs. Super easy to make too: hard boil the eggs, peel them, put the eggs into the molds. Done! Can’t wait to put these into lunch boxes someday! I brought them to work this week and impressed all of my coworkers 🙂

Kotobuki Plastic Egg Mold


Have a great October!

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