Salad sealed in a mason jar

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mason jar salad

Mason Jar Salad

I love to make food in bulk ahead of time and then grab and go. I always brought large salads to work in Tupperware containers, but then we eliminated all plastic from our house and switched to glass Pyrex containers. Well, they always leaked in my work bag. So, researching alternative vessels for my salads I learned many people were bringing salads in jars. What a great idea! When contained in a jar there is no chance for a leak, and I can SEAL them with my Foodsaver so they last longer in the fridge! Double bonus!!!


  • Make a large chopped kale salad. Yes, dressing and all (but don’t over do it with the dressing).
  • Add to quart mason jars.
  • Place metal lid on, leave the metal ring off for now.
  • Use the jar sealer attachment on your Foodsaver to seal the salad.
  • Place the metal ring on and tighten.

mason jar salad

These last up to one week in the fridge. I usually grab one salad and either a can of salmon or a few hard boiled eggs to top it with. So easy!!!!

mason jar salad

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