When I went to school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition one of the first recipes we learned was called “Massage your kale salad“. We learned to make a salad by massaging our kale. Sounds strange, right? It’s anything but strange, it’s brilliant! Have you ever just eaten a piece of kale? Not the most amazing snack in the world: kind of woody, unusual flavor. Well, add in some tasty toppings, a little dressing, and a brief massage and you will have something so delicious that you will bring it to every potluck you go to. I do. By request. Always!

Plus, Kale is a superfood that everyone should be eating. Just give this a read to find out why we love kale so much!

Kale Salad Recipe


  • 8 cups chopped kale, ribs removed
  • 3/4 cup raw blue cheese crumbles
  • 1/2 cup almonds (slivered, candied, spiced, whichever your prefer)
  • 1/2 cup organic cranberries
  • 1/3 cup olive oil — we use this kind
  • 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar — where to find
  • Pinch sea salt — where to find


  • Remove ribs from kale and roughly chop the leaves

  • Put olive oil and balsamic vinegar into a jar, cover and shake it until they are well combined
  • Pour the dressing over the kale
  • Sprinkle in salt

  • Using your hands, massage the kale for about 1 minute to soften it a bit

  • Wash your hands
  • Toss in cranberries, blue cheese, and almonds

  • Serve immediately. I use these awesome salad tongs!
  • This salad is actually really tasty the next day too, if you have any left over
  • Bring this to every potluck you go to. It is always a crowd pleaser. It’s the salad I bring along every time!

I did a demo of this salad on our local news station Twin Cities Live. You can watch the segment below

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