How to Save Money on Healthy Foods: A Price Comparison

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How to Save Money on Healthy Foods A Price Comparison | Real Food RN

Everyone I know lives on a budget, and as we all know, it can be tough sometimes to live a healthy life within said budget. When it comes to grocery shopping, to stay within my household budget, I have to shop around. It’s good to occasionally compare the prices of some of my go-to stores for healthy food to make sure I’m still getting the best deals on items I buy frequently.

But, I also am a busy mom and entrepreneur, so I don’t have time to constantly compare prices and clip coupons! I bet you feel the same way — time is money, so you want to get in and get out of the grocery (even if it’s online) and get back to your life!

I recently did a shop comparison, and I figured I would share my findings with YOU since you need to know where to find the deals too! These are just a few items that we keep around the house to ensure that we have healthy foods in a pinch at all times! I made the selection diverse to make the comparison across all different types of foods.

I chose to price compare with my most frequented places to shop, and those most likely to be accessible to you too!

How to Save Money on Healthy Foods: A Price Comparison

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Amazon—Viva Labs 16 ounce container  $10.66 — $.67/oz
  • Thrive Market—Spectrum Essentials 15 ounce container $ 8.45 — $.56/oz
  • TargetSpectrum 14 ounce container  $8.99 — $.64/oz

Organic Almond Butter

  •  Amazon—Barney Butter Almond Butter 16 ounce container (3 pack) $33.68 — $.70/oz
  • Thrive Market—Barney Butter Almond Butter 16 ounce container $10.95 — $.68/oz
  • Target Maranatha—12 ounce container $9.99 — $.83/oz

Wild Planet Canned Sardines

  • Amazon(6 pack) in Extra Virgin Olive Oil $18.95 — $.72/ounce
  • Thrive Market—in Extra Virgin Olive Oil  $2.35  — $.53/ounce
  • Targetin Spring Water $2.89 — $.66/ounce

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

  • Amazon—Himalania Himalayan Fine Ground 6 ounces $5.29 — $.88/oz
  • Thrive Market—Himalania Himalayan Fine Ground 10 ounces  $6.45 — $.64/oz
  • Target—CHEFS Spice Medium Ground 5.4 ounces $9.95 — $1.84/oz

Paleo Wraps (Plain or Turmeric flavor)

  • Amazon—7 wraps $10.00  $2.86/oz — $1.42 each
  • Thrive Market—7 wraps $7.95  $2.27/oz — $1.13 each
  • Target—None available

Go Raw Organic Raw Ginger Snap Super Cookies

Laughing Giraffe Chocolate Snackaroons

As you see, Target doesn’t have all of the items on the list, and sometimes they have an item, but not the same brand I could get at Amazon or Thrive Market. Since their Simply Balanced name brand is pretty good, that doesn’t always matter, though there are some food items that we only enjoy if it’s a certain brand.

I don’t expect to find all items at every store — that is one reason I shop around. But I must say, and the price comparison above backs me up on this, that Thrive Market has practically everything we buy, including things like the chlorine-free diapers we like, and overall, they have excellent prices. Prices that allow me to stay within my budget, so I most often shop at Thrive.

And there are other reasons too. For example, Target and Costco both have many items in certain store locations that I can’t get online. Did I mention I’m busy? I love being able to shop online and get everything I need in one “trip.” I can do that with Thrive. I also love that they offer free shipping on all orders over $49 — every single day.

When I shop at Amazon or other online stores, I have to be very careful and read the fine print for every item. Some of the sellers on Amazon offer free shipping, others don’t. If you miss that detail you can pay a hefty price for shipping! Groceries are heavy, which means shipping can really add up and before you know it, your savings go right out the window!

The moral of the story is: shop around, price compare, take notes, and when in doubt compare to Thrive. They almost always win out! 

What are your best tips for saving money while shopping for healthy food? I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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How to Save Money on Healthy Foods: A Price Comparison | Real Food RN
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