How Alcohol Negatively Effects Your Workout

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This post is another installment from my loving husband…the gym rat! He explains why it is counterproductive to drink alcoholic beverages the same day you lift weights or exercise. 

Take it away Luke…


How Alcohol Negatively Effects Your Workout | Real Food RN


Don’t lift weights the same day you drink!

I have to say I’m past my prime when it comes to going out, boozin’ it up and staying out late. However I still like to drink responsibly and see my friends when I can. Amongst my group of friends there has been the conversation around whether or not I should I work out the same day I plan to drink? Drink heavily? My short answer response is no, you should not. Especially if your workout involves very strenuous exercises. Keep in mind the group of friends I hang out with have a vigorous workout schedule and follow a healthy diet. This post applies to that lifestyle scenario.

Here are a few of the reasons why I don’t work out and booze it up in the same day:

  1. You don’t get “good” sleep if you are intoxicated. Studies have shown that as a natural survival response your body avoids the rejuvenating REM sleep your muscles need to recover. This is the reason you are always so tired in the morning after a bender.
  2. Alcohol, and especially beer, is full of empty calories. During a workout you are essentially breaking down your muscle cells. Good muscle gain results come from the rebuilding of those muscles. All those empty calories are not going to supply the nutrients you need.
  3. Alcohol is causes hormonal imbalance in the body. New research suggested that alcohol consumption affects hormones that regulate electrolyte and water balance in the body. Rather than having your body focus on repairing its self after a workout, it’s focusing on eliminating poison (which is really what alcohol is to your body).
  4. Alcohol dehydrates you. You need water to maintain temperature control, lubricate joints, protect organs and eliminate waste. All of these are important for muscle growth and maintenance.

So if you plan to go out and have a few with your friends, just remember it is essentially canceling out your workout that day.


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