Healthy Holiday Foods That Work Magic for Your Skin

The holidays are filled with foods most people only think of once or twice a year, but these foods aren't just for special holiday meals—they are great for your skin…inside and out. That means you can take extra care and nourish your skin while you enjoy the holiday foods you love.

Healthy Holiday Foods That Work Magic for Your Skin | Real Food RN

There’s a lot to love about the holidays. Family, friends, and food top the list for me. Well, those and skincare. I know what you’re thinking. Did she just say skincare? Yep! Truth be told, I love skincare every day of the year, but holiday skincare is one of my favorites. People often put themselves on the back burner during the holidays (hello busy moms, I am looking at you!). There are so many people and activities to focus on that it can be hard to put yourself first, but holiday self-care is essential.

The holidays are filled with foods most people only think of once or twice a year, but these foods aren’t just for special holiday meals—they are great for your skin…inside and out. That means you can take extra care and nourish your skin while you enjoy the holiday foods you love.

What You Eat Can Enhance Your Holiday Skincare

Many of the popular foods we love during the holidays do double duty when it comes to healthy skin. Foods rich in antioxidants and other benefits help you take great care of your skin inside and out. Many of the foods you gravitate to during the holidays will give you an extra boost of nutrition and vitality at the same time.

Many of the foods we love during the holidays are:

  • Rich in Vitamins A & C
  • High in protein
  • Contain antioxidants
  • Full of beta-carotene
  • Hydrating

Foods like turkey, pumpkin, nuts, and cranberries all offer valuable skin-friendly benefits.

  • Turkey has plenty of protein. This helps fight off aging and generates new skin cells. Be sure to prepare your turkey in healthier ways, like roasting in herbs or smoking. Frying turkey is a popular method and can be tasty, but the added oil can undo the benefits and rob you of the protein.
  • Walnuts and pecans are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation and are easy to add to dishes like stuffing or as a garnish to a salad or dessert. If you’re a pescatarian or want something out of the box for the holidays, serving salmon is an excellent way to get more omega-3 in your holiday diet.
  • Cranberries, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes are common holiday foods that are rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin A, and C. They promote healthy, glowing skin and can be used as a side dish or part of a dessert menu, though moderation is important.  

There’s no shortage of healthy foods for your holiday skin, but it’s important to prepare them in ways that don’t diminish their benefits. Some of our favorite foods can easily go from the nice to the naughty list when we start adding unhealthy ingredients to them. Keeping foods as close to their original state ensures they are healthy and beneficial.

Here are some great tips for preparing healthy holiday foods that your family will love:

  • Roast veggies and meats
  • Avoid salt, fat, and sugar
  • Go for colorful veggies
  • Keep the skin on your fruits and vegetables

Roasting tastes great and keeps food healthy – Roasting your veggies and your meat helps keep foods healthy and tastes fantastic. Roasting creates caramelization that enhances foods without having to add heavy sauces or added fat.

Focus on your food’s natural qualities – Many foods are rich in flavor without adding salt, unhealthy fat, and sugar. Baked sweet potatoes release an amazing sugary syrup that is superior to adding refined white sugar to a sweet potato casserole.

The more color on your table, the better – Fruits and vegetables come in an array of colors, and each color offers something beneficial to your health. Bright orange pumpkin and sweet potatoes offer Vitamins A and C, while bright green beans provide Vitamin C and fight free radicals in your body. Resist adding chemicals to your favorite green bean casserole by trying this healthier alternative to cream of mushroom soup.

Fiber-rich foods need their skin – Many holiday foods are rich in fiber, which is primarily found in their skin. Leaving the skin on fruits and vegetables can enhance their benefit. Fiber helps in healthy digestion, which keeps the body hydrated and skin glowing. Try leaving the skin on potatoes, carrots, apples, and other holiday favorites.

Did you know?

The holidays can be a time of indulgence. Many people—and by people, I mean me—hold out for their special meals by eating less during the rest of the day. There’s just something magical about waiting for that special dish you know you love and making sure you have plenty of room to enjoy it. While that’s not the best way to eat regularly, it happens a lot during the holidays, but no matter what I make sure to get my daily dose of Ningxia Red. Not only does this help me stay energized, but it also keeps my skin healthy, hydrated, and rejuvenated. It’s a simple form of holiday self-care that doesn’t take any extra thought. It is loaded with skin friendly antioxidants!

Holiday Skincare Includes Pampering Your Skin Too!

Eating foods that benefit our health is essential year-round. Preparing dishes that delight your family and keeping them healthy can help you feel great about serving. Once the menu is planned, it’s time to think about some holiday self-care. Taking care of your skin isn’t just about what you eat. It’s about how you care for your skin topically. I’ve got some bizarre but healthy skincare remedies in this post. You’d be amazed at how many fun ways there are to care for your skin year-round.

Unless you live someplace like Australia or warm-climate states like Florida and Arizona, the holidays tend to be cold. Your climate may contribute to how your skin behaves during the holidays. Our skin needs change with the weather and may require more moisture and hydration, depending on where you live. Make sure you are choosing products that are non-toxic so you are not just dousing yourself in chemicals and toxic fragrance! Taking care of your skin and paying close attention to what it needs can help reduce breakouts (my favorite acne line), keep skin glowing (I use this daily to give my skin a glow!), and prevent signs of aging (this is my daily anti-aging routine).

One of my favorite ways to manage my skin during the winter includes face masks. I have a variety of styles, depending on what my skin needs. A great idea during the holidays is to use natural foods that are plentiful during this time of year. I can’t wait to try this sweet potato face mask!

If slathering sweet potato on your skin isn’t your thing, there are plenty of ways to get some holiday self-care that don’t include at-home face masks. Try these tips for some holiday fun.

Tip: Book a holiday-themed spa day

Many spas offer specialized services during the holidays. Look for peppermint pedicures, hydrating holiday-inspired cinnamon cider facials, or warm winter-spice massages. There’s nothing quite as relaxing and good for your skin as a day of pampering.

Tip: Drink-infused water

Staying hydrated is essential when the climate gets dry and cold. Up your water consumption by purchasing a hydro flask or other pre-measured containers. Add fun wintertime fruits to give your water an added benefit. Citrus fruits are abundant during winter, so adding oranges or lemons can help your skin glow and stay hydrated.

Tip: Make moisturizing fun

Many shops and stores offer great deals on products during the holidays. Stock up on moisturizing creams and lotions in some of the season’s best scents (but watch out for artificial fragrance, it is toxic!). Keep travel-sized lotions handy in your purse, car, backpacks, and diaper bags.

Caring for your skin is important all year long. Each season offers wonderful foods and resources to help keep your skin youthful and fresh. Tap into the wonderful foods available during the holidays, and your skin will benefit from the inside out. If you want to learn more about non-toxic skincare, I run a Safe Skincare Facebook group. Join thousands of others in the group HERE!

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Healthy Holiday Foods That Work Magic for Your Skin | Real Food RN


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