Episode 5: Rachel Reimer – Medical Medium

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Episode 5: Rachel Reimer - Medical Medium | Real Food RN

On episode five of the Real Food RN Wellness Podcast, I interview Rachel Reimer, a medical intuitive. She has an amazing gift and we talk all about how she first discovered her talents and how she is working closely with medical professionals to help diagnose disease in their patients. We even go over the reading she did for me and what she found in my body! So let me introduce Rachel Reimer, medical medium…

Show Notes

Rachel Reimer’s Bio:

Rachel Reimer is a Medical Intuitive.  She was born and raised in Marion, Iowa with the ability to see two different dimensions. From a young age, she has been able to see, feel, and hear things from the spiritual realm. Every day she was extremely anxious and didn’t understand how to separate spirit from the physical world. As time has gone on, she has begun to understand her talents and has realized that she has a knack for providing information on health challenges.

She works with healthcare providers and practitioners to help communicate information and insight on cases from patients that have given consent. After receiving consent and a case from a health provider or practitioner through her password protected sections on her website, she will consult with her guides and angels to see what insight they can offer. Through years of trial and error with her gift, she has come up with a system that helps communicate what spiritual issues are going on that may have physically manifested in the body.

Where you can find Rachel:

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Episode 5: Rachel Reimer - Medical Medium | Real Food RN

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