Build More Muscle by Lifting Less

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Build More Muscle by Lifting Less | Real Food RN

My husband is a gym-goer extraordinaire and loves to talk all about it. I decided that maybe some of you might want to hear what he has to say about his latest lifting discovery. Introducing: German Volume Training. I think I’ll go take a nap….

Here’s Luke!

As I’ve admitted in past posts, I’m 32 and I’ve been very active my whole adult life but I’m really starting to feel aches and pains that I never thought possible in my 20s. I have finally found a weight training technique that works for me

My goals since my mid-twenties have been to maintain cardiovascular health and have a lean muscular build.  I’ve tried almost every technique, sets, repetition, rest combination there is. However the main overall themes included moderate to heavy weight training 3-6 days per week with days of cardio and rest sprinkled within.

I feel I was eating correctly with almost no processed foods, plenty of water, a well-balanced diet and plenty of sleep (for the most part). Read more about sleep optimization HERE.

I was working hard but really never seeing much difference on my 6’1” 212lbs frame. I must be doing something wrong.

What’s going on? There’s a ton of books out there but it wasn’t until I read  “The 4 Hour Body” by Tim Ferris and “How to Eat, Move and be Healthy” by Paul Chek that I really started to critically think about what I was doing and how to become more efficient at doing it. I started listening to my body and it was telling me a number of things. I was usually sore and physically tired, my knees were really starting to hurt, and the biggest thing was I wasn’t getting stronger anymore.

Both Tim and Paul made it obvious to me: I’m over doing it. I’m not allowing my body to heal properly and I’m spending more time at the gym then needed.

Finally I discovered German Volume Training:

  • High intensity training days 3x per week
  • Rest and stretching the other 4 days.
  • Basic exercises with moderate weight but high repetition (10 sets of 10 reps) and the off days I’m taking care of myself.

Build More Muscle by Lifting Less | Real Food RN

Rather than explaining the entire process, here is the quick and dirty of it

(click on the link below)

Overview of Training Techniques

The results? I’ve finally broken my plateau after 4 months! I’ve gained 4 lbs of muscle and I’m stronger than I’ve been in years.

A few things to say about GVR or 10×10 method:

  • Amazing for building muscle!
  • Intense hour long work outs
  • Basic exercises, keeping it simple
  • You will be sore but you’ll have more rest days, which allows for a more thorough recovery

Who should follow GVR

  • Those looking to gain mass and loose fat
  • Those willing to have an INTENSE hour long work out
  • Athletes in the off season in a sport the requires powerful, explosive movements
  • Those who are dedicated to taking prescribed rest days and eating a healthy diet

Who should NOT follow GVR:

  • Athletes in season
  • Endurance athletes like distance runners/swimmers
  • Very novice weight trainers and those who are unfamiliar with basic Olympic style lifts and techniques
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