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Beach Body Ready | Real Food RN


My husband, the gym rat, wrote another post for me. Thanks honey. Smooch!

Take it away Luke….

Let’s get beach-body ready! 

Well it’s already the end of June and it’s getting hot outside! Perhaps you’ll be visiting the beach or going boating in the next weeks and months. But wait, is your body not quite how you had hoped it would be?

Here is a couple quick and healthy ways to lose some of that subcutaneous fat and get ready for the beach fun ahead:

1.     Fiber is key: In a previous post I wrote about the benefits of my green drinks but the simple fact is fiber is filling, it also allows for optimal digestion and flattens out your abs.

2.     No processed sugar: I work a desk job and by about 3:30 in the afternoon I get a craving for sugar (insulin levels down after lunch and your body’s natural craving to pick those levels up). By avoiding the typical processed sugar-filled chocolate coffee drinks and replacing them with naturally occurring sugars founds in fruit, I get the sugar fix I’m craving but without the dramatic insulin spike that that you don’t want (Insulin triggers the absorption of glucose from your bloodstream. Depending on your body’s needs, the glucose is then either metabolized for energy or stored as fat.)

3.     Drink water: by substituting water for sugary beverages, you avoid those extra calories while allowing your body to operate at optimum fat burning levels.

4.     Don’t drink beer: from a dieters perspective, beer is one of the worst things you can consume.  Tons of empty calories. Either you burn it as fuel, or if you are not active you store it as fat. Even the lightest beers have 70-150 calories per serving.

5.     Sweat: bringing up you body temperature not only increases your metabolism, but it also removes toxins. The reason this is important is because your body stores toxins in fat. Your body does not want to release this toxic fat because then you will get a flood of toxins into your bloodstream, so it holds onto this fat for dear life. If you eliminate the toxins, your body releases the fat stores.

6.     Work out hard, sleep hard: For your body to work it’s best it needs to be well rested. Be aware of your sleep needs and make a conscious effort to get those hours of sleep. Sleep reduces cortisol, thus reducing fat storage. Read all about optimizing sleep in my wife’s post here: 15 Sleep Enhancing Tips That Really Work!

7:       Eat fat! Fat satiates your appetite, when you eat more fat you eat less period!

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