9 Amazing Wheatgrass Juice Benefits

Why bother buying wheatgrass and a juicer? Well, there are plenty of reasons though, we will focus on nine of the more important benefits here.

9 Wheatgrass Juice Benefits | Real Food RN

Wheatgrass has a long history as being considered a fundamental health food, as it has been consumed as a boon for health and vitality for the past 5,000 years. It was first eaten way back in ancient Egypt. So yes, a long, long time ago.

Today, we recognize its superlative properties more scientifically. We know for a fact that wheatgrass is generally your best source for living chlorophyll, which is suspected of being able to reduce the probability of certain types of cancer. It also contains the vast majority of the vitamins and minerals that people need. Most notably, it contains vitamin B12, which isn’t really easy to get naturally.

It’s often sold as either a powder you can mix with water, or you can buy it in premade juice form. Neither of those methods is optimal since they can also contain synthetic ingredients and sugars that can negate much of the health benefits.

Instead, by getting hold of actual live wheat grass along with the use of a suitable masticating juicer, is easily your best solution, so you know you’re getting all the best nutrients.

But, why bother buying wheatgrass and a juicer in the first place? Well, there are plenty of reasons (this site even lists down 50 of them) though we will focus on nine of the more important benefits here below:

9 Wheatgrass Juice Benefits

Weight Loss

In the U.S. and in many parts of the world, most people are either overweight or even obese. So in all likelihood, you’ll need to lose weight and wheatgrass can help. That’s because it has selenium that you need to keep your thyroid gland healthy. Since your thyroid gland is one of the parts your body uses to manage your weight, you’ll want to keep it in top shape with a glass of wheatgrass in the morning.

Wheatgrass is also so full of nutrients that you don’t get deficiencies that can lead to food cravings. So a glass of the juice in the morning can actually keep you from eating too much for the rest of the day.

Better Digestion

If you’re often going through indigestion or heartburn, then this juice may just be the ticket. It has fiber and B-complex vitamins, and these nutrients improve how the muscles in your digestive system work. You have riboflavin that maintains the lining of your digestive tract, as well as thiamine that assists in the conversion of carbs into energy.

Fights Ulcerative Colitis

Many people have long believed that wheatgrass is great for a wide variety of GI issues, and a study has already indicated that it can help treat ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the colon).

Better Circulation

When you drink wheatgrass juice just before working out, it will boost the oxygen levels in the blood. This means that your muscles will get more of the oxygen they need as you exert a lot of effort in your workout.

Improved Immune System

This boosts your immune system because it increases the red blood cells in your body. RBCs fight against infections, blood parasites, and harmful bacteria.

Boost Oral Health

The natural antimicrobial properties of wheatgrass are due to the chlorophyll. It’s powerful enough that it can help with Candida albicans (the yeast that causes oral thrush).

Revitalized Liver

Wheatgrass restores and detoxifies the liver. A recent study in 2014 showed that it can even help protect your liver when you drink alcohol.

Minimize Chemo Side Effects

A study involving 60 women undergoing chemo for breast cancer found that the wheatgrass lessened some of the harmful side effects of the chemotherapy. The wheatgrass didn’t affect the effectiveness of the treatment either. These wheatgrass juice benefits keep getting more and more incredible!

Better Mood

The juice contains both magnesium and vitamin K, which helps you better deal with stress. It also provides iron, and iron deficiency can lead to overall fatigue that makes you feel lethargic. As a busy Mom, this is one of my favorite wheatgrass juice benefits! 

How to Juice Wheatgrass

So now let’s explain the steps you need to take so that you can prepare your wheatgrass juice properly:

1. Get a masticating juicer.

There are several types of juicers, and you need to make sure that you get a masticating version. What you must avoid is a centrifugal juicer, which just won’t work on wheatgrass very well at all.

It’s also best if you get an electric juicer rather than a manual version that requires too much work on your end. With an electric juicer, you can juice the wheatgrass more efficiently, and you can also use the juicer for other vegetables too.

2. Get some wheatgrass.

You can buy wheatgrass from a health food store or you can grow your own. If it comes from your own garden, use a clean pair of scissors to cut the grass about half an inch from the ground. This is best about a week after sowing the wheat grains, when the blades of grass are about 8 inches long.

Wash the wheatgrass under running water with the grass in a strainer. This will remove any dirt and insects. Then chop the grass into small pieces so they’re easier to grind and the juice is easier to get. Collect about half a cup of the wheat grass, if you’re preparing two servings.

3. Feed the wheatgrass into the juicer.

You’ll need to do this slowly, feeding just a small amount at a time. This keeps from cramming the juicer which makes it difficult to get the juice. You need space in the juicer for the juice to collect, and you also need space for the pulp.

4. Pour the juice into a glass.

You may also want to mix it first with other veggie juices or even with a smoothie. That’s the beauty of having your own juicer at home — you’re free to experiment to find the best taste for you. You will want to drink it right away so you get the most wheatgrass juice benefits from fresh juice!

5. Clean up the juicer.

You’ll need to get rid of the wheatgrass in the juicer so that you can use it right away for the next time.

That’s all there is to it. A bit of effort on your part along with a juicer investment and you can enjoy what’s considered as one of the healthiest juices you’ll ever drink. In today’s world when you need health and energy to work and healthcare costs can lead to financial ruin, a glass of wheatgrass a day seems like such a small thing. Yet the benefits can be huge, as we’ve already noted.

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9 Wheatgrass Juice Benefits | Real Food RN
Joana is the editor in chief over at TheJuiceChief.com. She’s a prolific blogger with a bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition and is deeply passionate about organic juicing, nutrition and fitness. She also loves helping others succeed with their health goals.

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  1. Please help me sort through my thoughts that seem to plague me about wheat grass. Over 2 yrs ago I bought a wheat grass juicer but I never felt better & sometimes questioned whether I felt worse!
    I am totally gluten intolerant & the question I have – is – wheat grass tolerated by Gluten intolerant people?
    I have asked various NP Drs. and get various answers.
    Please help me sort through this!!

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