16 Easy Ways to Save Money When You’re Pregnant

With a little creativity and taking the time to research what you really need, all those ways to save money become clearer, and the stress of adjusting financially feels like less of a burden. You can do this one step at a time.

16 Easy Ways to Save Money When You’re Pregnant | Real Food RN

Let’s face it, mamas—having a new baby takes some adjustment to your finances. Growing your family doesn’t have to break the bank, though! There are a lot more ways to save money that are easier than you think—it just takes a little crunchy mama creativity! I’d love to share what I’ve discovered on how to save money when pregnant with you.

The first step for superstar mamas? Doing some detective work!

Do Your Research – Is it Just Hype or a Must-Have?

If you apply this idea to any of the ways I’ve shared with you, chances are you’ll find yourself pinching pennies in the most unlikely places—and that saving here and there really adds up fast. Taking the time to dive into the differences between what you need and what’s all talk is a great rule of thumb when it comes to maintaining financial peace.

All the people in your support system want you to be successful, too—so don’t forget how resourceful and helpful our networks can be with saving money when pregnant. Give yourself permission to ask, and you’ll be floored by who shows up.

Connect with Your Family, Friends, and Communities

1. Don’t Sleep on Baby Showers! – Not only are baby showers a delightful way to spend time with loved ones, but some of those necessary items can show up right when you need it most, alleviating expenses and some of the worry that comes with planning. Creating a gift registry for your shower guests gives your friends and family an idea of what you need most.

2. Create and Maintain an Updated Gift Registry – While you may have a specific gift registry for your baby shower, you can also create registries for folks who may not be able to make it in-person—like your out-of-state sister-in-law or childhood bestie. If you keep the registry updated as your needs shift, this can be a huge way to save money, too. Consider making an Amazon list or a Target registry.

3. Connect with your Church or Library – Remember, your church communities are a group of heart-centered folks that want to do good in this world—you never know! Maybe your pastor’s daughter might have outgrown some cute onesies recently, or a mama may be trying to part with a quality stroller. Libraries are also a wonderful place to grow a community. Many libraries have events centered around children’s needs. Reach out and connect with those communities to save extra money during your pregnancy.

4.  Maternity Clothing Swaps – Cute maternity clothes might be easier to find than you think—check your area for local clothing swaps, or if you know another crunchy mama who’s around your size, ask her about her maternity clothes before they get donated. You can save a lot of money for your baby while getting quality, stylish threads used for a brief amount of time.  

5. Ask Other Moms About Baby Buyer’s Remorse – Ask some other mamas what they may have purchased that really didn’t work for them. This may remind you to ditch that hyped bottle warmer and keep it practical.

Financial Freedom with Apps, Sales, Coupons

6. An App a Day Keeps Full Prices Away – We love a good app—and with the technology accessible with Smartphones, buckling down and getting the app for your favorite stores can save money when you’re pregnant. Lots of apps these days have discounts and coupons offered simply for downloading it. So, if you’ve got places you frequent, consider getting the app associated with the store to score deals you may not know of otherwise.

7. Semi-Annual Sales and Holiday Steals – What’s not to love about a good sale? Something to keep in mind is that lots of stores have sales around different holidays or when the seasons start to change—so if there’s something seasonal you need, try to snag it around a season shift or a semi-annual sale.

8. Sign up for Loyalty Rewards for Regular Purchases – All those times you go to Target for this or that can add up quickly if you don’t take the time to sign up for loyalty programs. Getting signed up for the reward programs can come in handy on big-ticket items you may need down the road.

9. Buying Something Specific Often? Check the Manufacturer Coupons – Expect to be buying baby wipes frequently? Take some time to check the manufacturer’s websites for coupons. They are full of discounts and coupons that take a chunk off the cost of essentials.

Become a DIY Superstar

10. Meal Prep Ahead for Clever Self-Care – Meal prepping healthy food ahead of time can be a godsend. When you are stressed, having food you can reheat will make you feel blessed—your body and your checkbook will thank you. This can be a lifesaver for postpartum care as well.

11. Make Your Own Healthy Baby Food at Home – Making your own baby food at home is a fantastic alternative to buying processed baby food off the shelves of a supermarket. Not only is it better nutrition for your child, but it’s also proven to save plenty of money and time once you get your rhythm. Making baby food at home can save your family a lot of money by relying on the affordable whole foods that help them grow. It’s easy to coordinate making the food for your baby while meal prepping for the rest of your family. If you still want to buy healthy baby food, you can find my favorite baby food HERE and save 15% if you use coupon code: REALFOODRN.

12. You’re Sew Smart! DIY Blankets, Bibs, and Burping Cloths – So much of the clothing and items we buy for new babies, from bibs to blankies, can be made with a sewing machine or taking up crochet. Not only does this save money when pregnant, but it gives you a meaningful way to share something deeply personal with your baby—and you get to pick all the colors and patterns yourself instead of searching for hours at a department store. Consider creating some gifts for your baby to save some cash and gain a new skill in the process.

Save on Clothes, Gear, and Gadgets

13. Convertible Gear Lasts Longer – Though the initial investment may seem like more upfront, convertible gear for your little one can go further, longer. Consider looking for gear that adjusts as your newborn grows up to save a lot of money and hassle down the road by investing in convertible 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 gear.

14. Get Diaper-Savvy and Go Cloth – Consideringcloth diapers are not only excellent for the environment, but they also end up saving quite a bit of cash for building your family down the road, especially if you plan to have a few brothers and sisters for your little one on the way.  If cloth diapers aren’t your thing, consider getting diapers in bulk to save some money—they tend to cost less than picking up a box here and there as you run low.

15. Reusable Goods and Bulk Buys – As you know, there are a lot of goods we might take for granted that can be reusable, and that isn’t just for sandwich bags for school lunches. Food storage, cloth wipes with a cleansing spray, cloth diapers—anything that can be rinsed and reused can save you a ton of cash. You can buy all sorts of these goodies in bulk, too—even your food for meal preps and baby food can be purchased in bulk and stored for future use.

16. Second-Hand Baby Stores – There are some seriously cute secondhand baby stores—and I tend to love these because they carry quality products for your baby that are gently used and still have a lot of life left to them. Not only can you get what you need for a total steal—you may also find more events for your kids with other moms on a bulletin board at the store to build community. Secondhand baby stores can also be super fun—it’s like a treasure hunt for your newborn. You may even find some things you didn’t think you could afford before at a totally reasonable price. These stores are a great way to score.

Let Yourself Be a Creative Money-Saving Detective

With a little creativity and taking the time to research what you really need, all those ways to save money become clearer, and the stress of adjusting financially feels like less of a burden. You can do this one step at a time. Think of how proud you’ll be for being so resourceful, and how much money you can save by tapping into these 16 simple ideas.

When it comes to building your family, there’s a lot of pieces to the motherhood puzzle to consider. I’ve got a lot of tools for your success, crunchy mama! Feel free to explore what I’ve got to share on what it means to be a mom. From my surprises to my successes, from what works and what doesn’t in the world of motherhood, I’ve got you covered.

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16 Easy Ways to Save Money When You’re Pregnant | Real Food RN
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