How to Freeze Herbs

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How To Freeze Fresh Herbs

Want to know why I decided to freeze herbs this year, well I let my 4 year old help plant the garden and she insisted on sprinkling 4 packets of basil seed on one 1/4 of the garden. Needless to say….I have a TON of basil. I love to make pesto, but do not like forking over the cash for the pine nuts. So, this year I decided to freeze my basil in olive oil so it’s ready to use with meal prep in the winter months! Now you can learn how to freeze herbs too!

freeze herbs basil



  • In a food processor, blend basil and olive oil
  • Keep adding olive oil until you get a thin paste



  • Freeze herbs and oil
  • Best stored in a freezer bag, lasts indefinitely in the freezer


Do you freeze herbs? If so, whats your method? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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